Falling Leaves, Rising Voices CD (15% off)
Falling Leaves, Rising Voices CD (15% off)

Falling Leaves, Rising Voices CD (15% off)

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Get into the Autumn spirit with our fall album!  Whether you're carving pumpkins, heading to the woods for a picnic, or romping in the leaves, let these songs be the soundtrack for your family's harvest time adventures!

You'll meet sweet characters like

- Witchamaroo, the Halloween Fairy!

- Little Bitty Mouse, picking up the house (Try singing this song at cleanup time with your child!)

- Jack O Lantern, who lights up the night with its smile

- And so much more!

Sweet autumn songs, as well as many catchy and wholesome traditional songs you can sing year round.  

Physical CD in an eco-friendly cardboard sleeve. Comes with downloadable pdf insert including track list, album credits and lyrics.


Now, and for a limited time, when you purchase this 16 song collection of music, you will also receive seven additional bonus tracks in the form of mp3 digital downloads, to round out this song collection to include all the songs we're singing in class this season! 

You'll also receive the album itself in digital download form.  (Keep an eye out for your download link.  The download link will appear in your cart immediately after checkout, and will also be sent to you via e-mail.)


Please note that if use an iPhone as your music playing device of choice, you will need to download the files to your desktop computer first, and then transfer them to your mobile device.




This is a pre-order.  We will have this CD in stock by October 31st.  CDs will ship as soon as we receive them.

Are you currently enrolled in in-person classes with Noe's Garden?  If so, then no need to pay for shipping...  Just enter the code PICKUPINCLASS, and I will hand deliver the CD to you when I see you in class.