Falling Leaves, Rising Voices - Digital Album Download

Falling Leaves, Rising Voices - Digital Album Download

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Get into the Autumn spirit with our fall album!  Whether you're carving pumpkins, heading to the woods for a picnic, or romping in the leaves, let these songs be the soundtrack for your family's harvest time adventures!

You'll meet sweet characters like

- Witchamaroo, the Halloween Fairy!

- Little Bitty Mouse, picking up the house (Try singing this song at cleanup time with your child!)

- Jack O Lantern, who lights up the night with its smile

- And so much more!

Sweet autumn songs, as well as many catchy and wholesome traditional songs you can sing year round.  

Download format is mp3.  Your order arrives as a zipped file including a downloadable pdf insert including track listalbum credits and lyrics.