The Rainbow Stairs - Physical CD

The Rainbow Stairs - Physical CD

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Bring joy and wonder to wintertime with our latest release, The Rainbow Stairs!  On this album, you'll find  26 delightful songs and finger plays to make family life magical.

What You'll Get:

Nurture your child’s nature sense with fourteen songs highlighting the wonders of the natural world, both real and mythic. 

Get to know animals - raccoons, polar bears, baby chicks, and a loyal majestic unicorn.

Catch your child’s attention with four whimsical finger plays.  

Enjoy this Album Year Round

While many of the songs are winter themed, the album also includes many songs that are not season specific that you can sing year round to foster peace, fun and closeness in your family.


Comes in an eco-friendly, full-color cardboard sleeve.

Track Listing:

1.  Good Morning, Treetops

2.  The North Wind Doth Blow

3.  Mairi’s Wedding

4.  Softly, Softly

5.  Los Pollitos

6.  Old Oak Tree

7.  Little Raccoon

8.  Safe With Me

9.  Here is my Turtle

10.  Yuki (Japanese Snow Song)

11.  Hey Betty Martin

12.  Unicorn Run

13.  By ’n By

14.  Hickety Pickety My Black Hen

15.  Where is a Polar Bear?

16.  The Snowflakes

17.  Little Bird, Little Bird

18.  Winter is So Long

19.  Belle Mama

20.  Miss Jane Had a Bag

21.  Illy Alley O

22.  Rainbow

23.  All the Pretty Little Horses

24.  Wee Willie Winkie

25.  Oh How Lovely is the Evening

26.  Blessing Farewell

Sample the Songs:

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This album is also available as a digital download, here.