The Mountains of the Sky - Physical CD
The Mountains of the Sky - Physical CD
The Mountains of the Sky - Physical CD

The Mountains of the Sky - Physical CD

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Enfold your young child in wonder and gentleness with our new album The Mountains of the Sky!  

On this album, you'll find twenty-two delightful folk songs to bring warmth and fun to family life.

What You'll Get:

Bring your child a smile with four playful children’s songs from the Celtic cultures of Ireland and Scotland.  Dancing animals!  An unruly cow set loose in the barnyard!  And a mischievous fox who tries to hide, but his pointy ears peek out and give him away.  

Support your child’s wellbeing with three original songs specifically supporting socio-emotional development.  Overall message - you can be who you are, and feel what you feel, and I'll always love you, no matter what.

Nurture your nature sense with three songs about baby animals.  You’ll get to know a narwhal, a sea turtle, and a black lab puppy!

Feel into the wonder of nature.  Star children that dance through the sky.  Frogs singing in their twilight chorus.  A fairy yawning under a buttercup  These are just a few of the magical scenes you’ll visit as you listen…  and sing along!

While a few of these songs do reference autumn, most are songs you'll want to sing year round.  😊

Comes in an eco-friendly, full color cardboard sleeve.

Track Listing:

1. Good Morning, Treetops
2. When the Train Comes Along
3. Rattlin' Bog
4. Thistledown
5. Maidrín Rua
6. Katie Bairdie
7. Bury My Bone
8. Stars Be Nimble
9. Narwhal
10. Five Little Pumpkins
11. I Feel Love
12. The Sea Turtle Rescue Song
13. We Like Apples
14. The Brown Cow
15. Stand With You
16. Windy Pond
17. Just the Way You Are
18. Scrapin' Up Sand
19. Skye Boat Song
20. Lady, Lady
21. Scarborough Fair
22. Blessing Farewell

Sample the Songs:

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This album is also available as a digital download, here.