Spring Raindrops - Physical CD
Spring Raindrops - Physical CD

Spring Raindrops - Physical CD

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Bring warmth and serenity to family life with our latest release, Spring Raindrops!  On this album, you'll find  26 delightful folk songs to make family life magical.

What You'll Get:

Nurture your child’s nature sense with seven original ecologically themed songs, each one highlighting the wonder to be found in the natural world.

Connect to an American heritage tradition with seven gorgeous Appalachian children’s songs, played on a rarely heard traditional instrument - the Mountain Dulcimer!

Catch your child’s attention with three whimsical finger plays.  Topics covered are Froggies!  Hedgehogs!  And a shy centipede.

Widen your child’s world with additional songs from  around the world, places as diverse as England, Germany, South Africa and Korea.

Enjoy this Album Year Round

While many of these songs are spring themed, the album also includes many songs that are not season specific.  Songs you can sing year round to foster peace, fun and closeness in your family.

Comes in an eco-friendly, full color cardboard sleeve.

Track Listing:

1. Good Morning, Treetops
2. Dancing Land
3. Here We Go, Bumblebee
4. Old King Pete
5. Love Somebody, Yes I Do
6. I Am I
7. Creepy Crawly
8. Bow Down Belinda
9. Sally Go Round the Sun
10. Old Bald Eagle
11. Ong Tal Sam
12. Dance of Life
13. Sweet Potatoes
14. Can't You Dance the Polka?
15. Hedgehog, Hedgehog
16. Beautiful World
17. Oh Miss Crow
18. Kitty Alone
19. Raindrop
20. Mushroom Pop
21. All Through The Night
22. Open the Window
23. Noyana
24. Five Little Froggies
25. Silken Shawl
26. Blessing Farewell

Sample the Songs:

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This album is also available as a digital download, here.