Where Do the Bear Cubs Go? - Digital Album Download

Where Do the Bear Cubs Go? - Digital Album Download

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Welcome King Winter with our winter song collection! This whimsical collection of nature inspired folk songs makes the perfect soundtrack for all your winter activities.

What You'll Get:

22 soothing folk-songs highlighting the magic of wintertime, including:

Little Seal - one of Noe’s most requested songs, a heartfelt love song between a baby seal and its mama.
King Winter - This dreamy ode to the Frost King is a Waldorf kindergarten favorite!

Frost Fairies Flying - A hypnotic, easy to learn round, with new lyrics by Noe, all about the wonder of frost.

Original and traditional songs from around the world, places as diverse as Brittany, Scotland, Africa, the Bahamas, Israel, England and America.

In addition to the winter songs on this collection, you’ll also find many catchy, wholesome tunes to enjoy year round with your child.

Download format is mp3.  Your order arrives as a zipped file including a downloadable pdf insert including track list, album credits and lyrics.


This album is also available as a physical CD, here.